[RTEMS Project] #2830: throwing std::runtime on PC BSP fails.

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Fri Sep 11 22:07:20 UTC 2020

#2830: throwing std::runtime on PC BSP fails.
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Comment (by Joel Sherrill):

 Could someone please try this test case with -march=i486 as the compiler

 I think we need to move the base uniprocessor x86 CPU model up from
 vanilla i386 w/FPU but what the new floor needs to be is TBD. If I
 understand things correctly, i486 is the minimum with any atomic
 instructions but you have to get into the pentium II era to get the
 earliest SMP support.

 I'm not sure if going beyond i486 is needed for uniprocessor but that may
 be sufficient. For SMP, you probably need to go to at least pentium II. On
 Qemu, I used core2duo long ago to test SMP.

 If we move the floor to greater than or equal to Pentium, there is more
 opportunity to remove a small bit of code. But I'd like to know the bare
 technical minimums first.

 So what is the lowest architecture (-march=XXX) that appears to solve this
 for you?

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