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#4474: module.h not regenarating
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 When I built the libbsd with some modules enabled and then agian disable
 the modules and rebuild the LibBSD without a clean, the disabled
 components with the preprocessor guard are still included.

 This is because the auto generated module.h header file doesn't regenerate
 after updating the buildset in the next build. So the next build use the
 same header generated for the first time.

 == Example

 #if !defined(__rtems__) || defined(RTEMS_BSD_MODULE_DEV_USB_TEMPLATE)

 some code here


 If I enable the **dev_usb_template** module and build the LibBSD it will
 include the code inside the pre-processor guard. This is expected
 behaviour.But If turn the module **off** and rebuild the LibBSD, it
 doesn't exclude the code inside the preprocessor guard.

 == Workarround

 Do a **waf clean** before **waf** after changing the buildset files.

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