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#4349: Package Micro Python
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Description changed by Joel Sherrill:

Old description:

> Micro Python is supported in RTEMS for a long time but isn't Packaged
> well.
> Packaging it would mainly require an RSB Recipe, Some basic example(s)
> and documentation.

New description:

 MicroPython (https://micropython.org/) is supported in RTEMS for a long
 time but isn't packaged well. Packaging it would mainly involve the

 * ensure MicroPython builds and works
 * construct an RSB Recipe
 * implement example(s)
 * provide documentation.

 The RSB Recipe will default to a generally useful configuration. If there
 are tuning options to MicroPython, these will have to be available to
 tweaked by the user.  If MicroPython requires specific features enabled in
 RTEMS, these will have to be checked for. If there are add-on libraries
 that are needed, the RSB Recipe will have to address these. All of these
 configuring and dependencies are a critical part of the user facing RTEMS
 documentation on this package.

 The examples should include a basic minimal example of embedded
 MicroPython in an application and using it. There should be another
 example which shows to integrate an application specific feature into the
 MicroPython environment. There should be an example of integrating an
 RTEMS shell command and invoking it from MicroPython. If there are other
 application uses cases identified for MicroPython, there may be other
 requirements for the examples.

 The user facing documentation should make it easy for a user to build
 MicroPython and use it in their examples.

 Having MicroPython packaged is important but an important side product of
 this effort is defining the pattern for the kit for supporting an embedded
 language with RTEMS.


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