[RTEMS Project] #4689: mips/jmr3904 Massive Number of Test Failures

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Mon Aug 1 19:32:17 UTC 2022

#4689: mips/jmr3904 Massive Number of Test Failures
 Reporter:  Joel Sherrill  |       Owner:  (none)
     Type:  defect         |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal         |   Milestone:  6.1
Component:  arch/mips      |     Version:  6
 Severity:  normal         |  Resolution:
 Keywords:                 |  Blocked By:
 Blocking:                 |

Comment (by Joel Sherrill):

 I did a git bisect after narrowing down which release branches it worked
 on. That let me track it down to a commit based on git bisect. I will file
 a gdb ticket once I get my login working there again.

 $ git bisect log
 git bisect start
 # good: [ce35d7163e779b1321058b22f005c70ce1524b25] Set GDB version number
 to 10.2.
 git bisect good ce35d7163e779b1321058b22f005c70ce1524b25
 # bad: [ef6ec3333e80e39ce207c6c5d5628bdd5402111d] Set GDB version number
 to 11.2.
 git bisect bad ef6ec3333e80e39ce207c6c5d5628bdd5402111d
 # good: [8087c3fa8b5d695e3e29e69d70d0b35ec902ac59] Fix GDB build in
 infrun.c when configured with unit tests disabled
 git bisect good 8087c3fa8b5d695e3e29e69d70d0b35ec902ac59
 # skip: [d3dacd0fafba473fd42fdf3ca86fd3203db28ae8] Automatic date update
 in version.in
 git bisect skip d3dacd0fafba473fd42fdf3ca86fd3203db28ae8
 # skip: [40d07d07d051308626f6079fa6d1598fafb445c7] Change exp_uses_objfile
 to return bool
 git bisect skip 40d07d07d051308626f6079fa6d1598fafb445c7
 # good: [a4eba6087d4cec81f8b41477b4da56ff87b88e91] Fix a bug in the s390x
 linker when discarding all inpuit files.
 git bisect good a4eba6087d4cec81f8b41477b4da56ff87b88e91
 # good: [546b77fe78bb366bbec3c708ac371e2f553bbdae] GDBserver remote packet
 support for memory tagging
 git bisect good 546b77fe78bb366bbec3c708ac371e2f553bbdae
 # good: [2e8adb6448c78fdb748c13c7859b68f3e7984c4d] Update config.sub and
 config.guess for MIPS R3 and R5 ISA support
 git bisect good 2e8adb6448c78fdb748c13c7859b68f3e7984c4d
 # bad: [50a6759f0f541ea965c7330bfbfe335cb8d66af8] Use gdb::function_view
 in addrmap_foreach
 git bisect bad 50a6759f0f541ea965c7330bfbfe335cb8d66af8
 # good: [c572c4580e774f1ec0115948d31dcf8a5b04878e] Automatic date update
 in version.in
 git bisect good c572c4580e774f1ec0115948d31dcf8a5b04878e
 # good: [209f108f73888741bf31d03d35722b6e0b521ec8] sim: mn10300: tweak
 static inlines
 git bisect good 209f108f73888741bf31d03d35722b6e0b521ec8
 # bad: [57a922a59801a9e7684f9661a65fa2ed5833d65d] sim: move UNUSED before
 TYPE in SIM_ENDIAN_INLINE's definition
 git bisect bad 57a922a59801a9e7684f9661a65fa2ed5833d65d
 # good: [162c6aef1f3a96923e75f0b4ef430822d273465c] gas: fold symbol table
 entries generated for .startof.() / .sizeof.()
 git bisect good 162c6aef1f3a96923e75f0b4ef430822d273465c
 # good: [07490bf81d2fc91676eb71b77e07f80f20fc1b54] sim: unify various
 library testing logic
 git bisect good 07490bf81d2fc91676eb71b77e07f80f20fc1b54
 # bad: [ce3ec98acd2f344ae911de3f41dd2e3c6c68b141] sim: unify gettext/intl
 probing logic
 git bisect bad ce3ec98acd2f344ae911de3f41dd2e3c6c68b141
 # good: [c30420d82a0b743285cf8333f90ca85274632714] elf: Update
 git bisect good c30420d82a0b743285cf8333f90ca85274632714
 # bad: [bc56166f66244a9e3abc62c7bc595a6f800f23b0] sim: unify toolchain
 dependency logic
 git bisect bad bc56166f66244a9e3abc62c7bc595a6f800f23b0

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