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#4840: Authentication with well known services for RTEMS infrastructure
 Reporter:  Christian Mauderer  |       Owner:  Amar Takhar
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 We've had this discussion in the past and the consensus was to keep
 everything related to RTEMS on RTEMS infrastructure.  Dealing with OAUTH
 is not fun we'll have our own GitLab instance to carry users as an SSO.

 From an infrastructure and maintenance point of view it's far easier to
 keep everything one spot versus "everything but one thing".

 There are also plenty of users who absolutely refuse to use 3rd party
 services for this and if we want to support them then we end up with a
 hybrid system where we have local users and remote users any time we want
 to interact with them we'll have to deal with full or partial data as
 different services limit user data in different ways.  It becomes a mess
 of data requests and interstitial pages from different services -- that
 becomes a moving target as OATH changes and services update.  Plenty of
 old systems are just broken now due to changes in OATH and how services
 handle the signon itself.

 It's just an absolute mess to deal with I would like to avoid this for a
 currently unfunded project such as ours.

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