[RTEMS Project] #4841: Setup Wiki.js for new wiki.

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Tue Feb 7 20:36:14 UTC 2023

#4841: Setup Wiki.js for new wiki.
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 As we transition off of Trac we'll need a new wiki to replace

 https://js.wiki/ offers the best situation for us for several reasons:

   * It uses Markdown as it's main language
   * It can replicate itself to a Git repository making easy branching or
 local copies of the wiki.  It can directly interface with !GitLab.
   * We can, in the future build a PDF using Sphinx from the Git
   * It supports OATH so we can log in using our local !GitLab instance.
   * Has instant search capabilities.

 Moving to a purely Sphinx based system is too heavyweight for developer
 documentation as an open source project we need to have a strong focus on
 lowering the barrier to contributions.  Documentation lags behind
 everything else as it we shouldn't be making it more difficult to

 There is one downside to this as anyone who wants to modify the wiki will
 need to have their local !GitLab account approved whereas Trac currently
 is automatic right after applying.

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