[RTEMS Project] #4836: Ongoing operation of RTEMS infrastructure.

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Tue Jan 31 00:20:12 UTC 2023

#4836: Ongoing operation of RTEMS infrastructure.
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 Depending on the month it can take anywhere from 25-45 hours per month to
 keep RTEMS infrastructure going.  This is due to several factors:

   * How many attacks we take that month.
   * The number of security CVE incidents.
   * Upgrades to services where the upgrade adds a desirable feature or bug
   * Monitoring of mailing list logs and lists in general.
   * SPAM blockage on https://devel.rtems.org/ and mailing lists.

 These are roughly the tasks that happen frequently it is not limited to
 this but large work requirements depend on a variety of factors.

 This time also includes requests by the project to add new services or
 make modifications.

 For example in May 2022 we had to update all our infrastructure with one
 days notice to meet requirements of the OSL.  This was a 3 day 50 hour
 time investment during a work week to make happen as there were a lot of
 little issues that came up on every single Jail.

 In the previous 9 years this work has never been funded as the project
 grows the work and requirements do as well.

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