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#4880: Build List Visualization
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 = Build List Visualization =

 '''Students:''' Past, Present, and Potential Students

 '''Status:''' Some work

 == Introduction ==

 The project creates a visualization tool for the Build Mailing List

 The [https://lists.rtems.org/pipermail/build/ Build List Archives] is a
 public list RTEMS user can post the test results from the
 [https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/user/testing/index.html RTEMS
 Test] or [https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/user/rsb/index.html RTEMS
 Source Builder] (RSB) ecosystem tools.

 The data in the build list archives provides a historical overview of the
 stability of the tools and BSP test results. The email reports sent to the
 list are not easy to review by hand and it is complication to inspect the
 archives and form a view. A visualization can provide reports and views we
 can all understand.

 The test data forms the basis for the
 [https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/user/hardware/tiers.html RTEMS
 Tier] list. An architecture or BSP can only enter tier 1 if it has
 published test results from the BSP hardware.

 The project has three main parts:

 1. Parsing of the email archives into a data format reports can be
 generated from

 2. Determining the types of reports the RTEMS Project requires

 3. Creating a visualization tool with a suitable UI

 The tools created by this project will be server side generating the data
 need for web browser to present.

 The Builds Mailing List is separate from any Continuous Integration (CI)
 systems the RTEMS Project provides. An RTEMS Project CI system can not
 provide the coverage user testing provides. We should not confuse the
 roles each plays.

 Tools build results need to consider hosts and architectures failures to
 see if we can determine an architecture is not building on all hosts, a
 host for an architecture is not building, or all architectures are not
 building for a host.

 == Requirements ==

 The following are the project requirements.

 === Software ===

 1. The user shall visualize the data in a web browser

 2. The browser scripting language shall be
 [https://www.typescriptlang.org/ Typescript]

 3. The server language shall be Python

 4. Process only the current month when parsing the mailing list data and
 generating the static data

 5. Investigate the generation of static data in a suitable format, eg JSON
 the browser can load and display. Avoiding the complexity of a database
 and REST will help

 6. Provide separate data tables for tool builds, BSP builds and test

 === Reports ===

 1. Provide a year summary page with a table of monthly high level results
 such as a tools passes and failures

 2. Provide a monthly build page with the pass and fails for architectures
 and BSP builds and various hosts

 3. Provide a monthly test page for the BSP test results

 4. Provide a BSP score table for the BSP with test results and number of
 passes and failures

 5. Provide a architecture/BSP tier score card providing an easy and simple
 way for a user to check and see the state of a BSP

 6. Provide a build failure timeline that shows when tools on a host and
 architecture first fail and then when it stops failing.

 7. It would be nice to able to click on a link to archived post

 === User Interface ===

 Help is needed here from the community

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RTEMS Project

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