[RTEMS Project] #4593: Add support for renode.io Simulator

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Wed Mar 29 02:13:09 UTC 2023

#4593: Add support for renode.io Simulator
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Comment (by Alan Cudmore):

 A couple of notes related to the Renode project:
 BSPS that are known to work on Renode.io:

 I have run the RTEMS leon3 BSP on Renode.io using the Gaisler RCC
 toolchain. I don't see any reason why the rtems.org tools and RTEMS master
 branch wouldn't work.

 I use the Renode k210 support to run the RTEMS k210 BSP. I use the Renode-
 test framework to run a series of test for the BSP:
 This currently uses the Renode test framework to run about a dozen tests,
 but this needs to be automated to run all of the testsuite tests.

 Another RTEMS ticket is to add support for the RISC-V SiFive Unleashed
 board. This board is supported by Renode.io, so it could be a
 collaborative effort.

 Another interesting RISC-V BSP that is supported in Renode.io:
 The LiteX/VexRisc Risc-V soft core. There are a number of variants of this
 soft-core CPU supported in Renode.

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