[RTEMS Project] #4911: RSB failed during canadian cross building

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Tue May 30 11:12:10 UTC 2023

#4911: RSB failed during canadian cross building
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Comment (by Frank Kuehndel):

 Hello Hubert,

 I have no knowledge about MinGW. Without the `--host=i686-w64-mingw32` I
 would expect the `sb-set-builder` to build the tools because it builds the
 `gmp` itself during this process.

 The error above indicates that - for whatever reason - the `gmp` package
 cannot be found. The most pragmatic solution is to install it on the host.
 The package you need is usually called `gmp-devel` or `libgmp-devel`. Yet,
 in this case the gmp-library needs also be available on the machine on
 which the tools (esp. `gdb`) are used.


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