body functions

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Dec 8 21:24:50 UTC 2011

On 9/12/11 4:25 AM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> RTEMS contains a set of functions which are implemented as both #defines
> and as normal functions (aka. body functions)[1].
> This raises a couple implementation problems in RTEMS esp, wrt.
> using the compiler to enforce stricter coding standards.
> As things currently appear to me, the only usage of these "body
> functions" is supporting GNAT/Ada, while no pure C application nor RTEMS
> itself uses them - Is this understanding correct?

I am not 100% certain and I agree it seems to be a compiler trick to 
make them work. My understanding is given no references are made these 
functions are never linked by a C program.

> Fact seems to be something should be done to get them "out of way" of
> the C-part of RTEMS to simplify improving the coding quality of RTEMS[2].

Are the warnings just about these files or other interactions else where ?

> I am not sure what do ... crude, uncooked ideas would be:
> - Split these functions out into a separate library?
> - Move the "body functions" to cpukit/libgnat?

Would this also be an issue for other languages ?

> - Eliminate the #defines and supply C-body functions only?

This would effect performance.

   - Rename the macro in the specific file and use it wrapped in the
     function version. This way it avoids any skew type issues if
     the implementation changes.

> It's not clear to me which of these ideas are useful or would really
> make sense.

How does moving it to a library help ? Would the warning move with the 
code to the library ?


> Ralf
> [1] contained in
> cpukit/rtems/src/intrbody.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsbuildid.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsbuildname.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidapimaximum.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidapiminimum.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidgetapi.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidgetclass.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidgetindex.c
> cpukit/rtems/src/rtemsobjectidgetnode.c
> cpukit/score/src/threaddispatch.c
> cpukit/score/src/threadinitialize.c
> used by:
> testsuites/sptests/sp37/init.c
> testsuites/sptests/sp43/init.c
> [2] This weeks's PR and patch flood has its origin in me compiling RTEMS
> with very aggressive GCC-warning flags.
> Initial result: >5000 warnings per BSP, with several quite serious ones
> amongst them.


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