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Hi all :

My project is "atomic operation support for RTEMS". Its goal is to
define and implement the atomic primitives for RTEMS which completely
support multiprocessor systems. If the time is enough i will also
implement additional synchronization primitives for the SMP systems.
In order to debug RTEMS easily on the SMP system i will prefer to use
the x86 architecture, and PowerPC is also my alternative architecture.
Recently the ISO C11 specifications contain a new set of atomic types
and operations which is supported by GCC 4.7.0 as a set of built-in
functions. So using the C11 atomic operations is a perferred solution
as a long-term development. But now its implementation is not stable
enough so we can design a very thin atomic primitives API for RTEMS
internal which wraps other reference implementation as a starting
point. The API should be compatible with C11 atomic primitives
definition as far as possible. In my proposal[1] i compared three
design and implementations(Linux Kernel, NetBSD kernel, FreeBSD
kernel) of atomic operations each of which has its advantages and
disadvantages. In my opinion i will refer the FreeBSD kernel
implementation. If you have any comment about this point please tell
me. At the end of this summer i will implement the atomic operation
API design and its implementations, with the needed test case.  If you
have any good advice and comment please reply. Thanks!

2012/4/24 Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at>:
> Please tell the community more about your project. :)
> Welcome.
> --joel
> On 04/24/2012 07:50 AM, yangwei weiyang wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am also the accepted student whose proposal is "atomic operations for
>> rtems",
>> this is just a say hello mail. In the next months i will contribute
>> all my summer to
>> RTEMS and i will make a success story also.
>> 2012/4/24 hans meyer<der_stuttgarter_25 at>:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> just wanted to say i feel honored to be chosen for the GSOC2012.
>>> I will try my best to make this a success story.
>>> greetz and thanks again,
>>> claas
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