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Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
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we had this discussion multiple times in the past. Common outcome was,
that only the arm-rtemseabi* variant should be available for future
RTEMS versions.

AFAIK changes had to be introduced in RTEMS source code to support newer
ARM CPU variants, and these changes ar also active for older CPU
variants. Older CPU variants are still supported, but ALL CPU variants
therefore need a arm-rtemseabi* toolset suite.

Just as a clarification: Which RTEMS BSPs inside GIT have you tested not
only to compile, but also to execute the test suite properly on real
hardware or a simulator, so we can be sure that using the "arm-rtems"
toolchain makes sense together with rtems-4.10 or HEAD?

> _If_, here you say it.
> Or differently:
> Do _you_ (Sebastian) want to force the RTEMS-4.11 users to using
> arm-eabi and tell them the target they have been using in their products
> for years will now face a sudden death?

This change was announced for more than a year now. The number of people
on the users mailing list complaining about this change were exactly 0.0
. And: If somebody is still using the old toolchain scheme and now finds
it to be gone is in a better state than the same person still finds the
toolchain but has to find out the hard way that RTEMS code no longer is
compatible with it.


> Not much of a problem to me :-)
> Ralf
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