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Mon Aug 13 20:34:05 UTC 2012

On 08/13/2012 03:18 PM, Krzysztof Mięsowicz wrote:
> I didn't have dos2unix installed, but i have installed it now. I'll 
> try to invoke do_coverage without running tests as there were executed.
> I ran pc386 -c hello.exe after your earlier mail. It created log file:
> Could not open option rom 'sgabios.bin': No such file or directory
Did you do a make install on your qemu build?

This is what I see on my machine:

$ type qemu
qemu is /home/joel/qemu/git/install/bin/qemu
$ find /home/joel/qemu/git/install/ -name "*bios.bin"

> Hello World
> It created also hello.exe.cov file.
How large is the hello.exe.cov file?

Looks like progress. :)

If you peek in the do_coverage script, you can see how it invokes covoar.
Covoar can be invoked the same way from the command line on just
that hello.exe.  This will at least confirm that covoar can read the 
.cov file
format used by this qemu.

FWIW what we are calling a .cov (coverage) file, qemu refers to as a "tra"
or trace file. There is a .h file which defines the structure of this 
file in covoar
and a C++ class to read it. If they have changed the format, we might have
an issue. qemu-traces.h in covoar is the .h file in question. Any 
changes to that
in your qemu source could ripple into covoar.

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