check_submission script returns alot of $Id is NOT in xxx

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Aug 22 18:23:09 UTC 2012

Ignore those. The script obviously needs an update to check that you did NOT put a $Id$ in a submission.

Send a patch to devel and I will review it.

Sigh... so many details to keep up with.

Claas Ziemke <der_stuttgarter_25 at> wrote:

>as suggested by joel i just ran the check_submission script from
>i get LOTS of messages about:
>"$Id is NOT in xxx"
>shall i fix them? and is it still required since it seems to be related to CVS and we are on git now...
>and if i shall fix them, how to do that? i am not used to cvs...
>thx for the advice

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