Creating an BSP for Microblaze?

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On 04/12/12 16:09, Matthias Goldhoorn wrote:
> Hello Devel's,
> we are currently thinking about using rtems on out Suzaku-S Boards.
> This boards carry an Xilinx Spartan FPGA, we currently using an 
> Microblaze Processor and µCLinux.
> We maybe want to swap no rtems.
> First and most important question:
> 1. Is there any ongoing work to create BSPs for the microblaze arch?,

I don't know.

> I already saw that the gcc-toolchain was already created to build for 
> this target.
> 2. If not, how log you are assuming do an Computer Scientist without 
> any RTEMS knowledge need to create an BSP for this?

Lets suppose the tool chain works, then the next step is to do the basic 
CPU port.  This includes primitive ABI settings like stack alignment and 
more complex stuff like context switching and interrupt handling.  You 
have to do the low level system initialization on a simulator or 
evaluation board (set up C runtime environment, cache, memory 
controller, PLL, etc.). This is largely operating system independent.  
You have to create drivers for basic thinks like the clock tick and 
console.  You have to learn the development environment for the FPGA.  
It is hard to estimate a time frame for all of this.  I would say its 
more than three weeks.  It might be more efficient to hire a company for 
basic support.

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