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> On 02/07/2012 08:34 AM, yangwei weiyang wrote:
>> Hi all:
>>     From the mail of Joel I know that the Google summer of code 2012 is going to start and RTEMS will be absolutely a member of organizations. There are lots of projects i am interested in from the Wiki open project section. The most favorite one for me is "Bus Space API". So i want to know as much information as possible.
>>     First i have read "Bus Space API" section carefully at the Wiki, And also know some basic backgroud through the IRC log. The bus_space API is originally from NetBSD, its goal is to allow a single driver source file to manipulate a set of devices on different system architectures, and to allow a single driver object file to manipulate a set of devices on multiple bus types on a single architecture. It is implemented in the BSP layer and the architecture layer, that  means different architecture and machine must implement its own bus space type and 
>> functions. But the goal of  "Bus Space API" project is to easing the ports of BSD drivers to RTEMS, so in order to realize its goal, should we port bus_space API to RTEMS BSP layer and architecture layer or adapt the bus_space API in the RTEMS score which make BSP layer and architecture layer unchanged or changed minimum? 
>>     So i want to know more information about this project, are there some protential mentors to help me?
> This is indeed an important project. Unfortunately, after discussing it with another
> core developer, we think it may be beyond a GSOC project. 
> First, it requires deep knowledge across RTEMS, boards, target architectures, etc.
> We are afraid that by the time we mentored you enough to solve the problem, 
> (1) we could have implemented it and (2) the summer would be over. :)
> Another factor is that a couple of the core developers are currently 
> supposed to be funded to do this as soon as they finish up another project.
> Based on the schedule, they should be nearly finished before the GSOC 
> students accepted are announced. They are only committed to implementing
> the BSP/target side of this for a couple of architectures.
Joel, thank you for your suggest. One of goals of Gsoc project is to take the students into
the open source development, and another goal is to benefit the organization. So if this project
is too big to implement for students that it should be splitted into some small parts or he will turn 
to other projects.
> This leaves you the option of proposing to implement this for the remaining
> architectures. But it also puts you down stream of another schedule which is
> a risk.
> I wouldn't want you to be at risk of even starting on time. Is there another
> project you would like to do?
Yes, except the Bus API project, I also have an interested project to participate in which is about
support the LLVM/Clang to Rtems. So i want to know how about the progress of this project and
whether this project is suitable as a Gsoc project?
>> Wei Yang
>> Best Regards

Wei Yang
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