openSUSE-11.3 RTEMS toolchains discontinued

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Tue Jan 17 04:27:01 UTC 2012


According to openSUSE-11.3
was discontinued Jan 16 (yesterday).

As a consequence of this, I have discontinued support of the RTEMS 
toolchain rpms for openSUSE-11.3.

All openSUSE-11.3 users should feel advised to upgrade or to switch to a 
supported distribution.

For now, I have switched off support for openSUSE-11.3 in my 
build-scripts => These repositories will not receive further updates and 
will gradually become outdated.

I intend to checked if it's possible to redirect these repositories to 
another distribution's repositories.

If the answer is yes, the openSUSE-11.3 repositories will be redirected 
to a different distribution's repository. If not, I will remove the 
openSUSE-11.3 repositories from the server in a couple of weeks.


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