rtems-libbsd: Fixed Build Errors for MIPS

Kevin Polulak kpolulak at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 03:47:33 UTC 2012

Like I said in my status report on rtems-gsoc, I was experiencing a few
build errors on MIPS CSB350. Joel helped me out a bit after today's meeting
and I was able to come up with the attached patch. It now builds just fine
for MIPS.

I'm not sure how you want me to commit this though. I wasn't old enough
during the 90's and missed the "submit changes using mailing list patches"
approach. ;) I've committed it to my soh_cah_toa_gsoc branch on my local
clone so should I just push it to the remote tracking branch as well or
does someone else apply my patch to origin/master?

- Kevin Polulak (soh_cah_toa)
- http://cybercrud.net
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