GSoC RTEMS compilation issues

Julien Delange julien.delange at
Thu Jun 21 08:09:08 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 11:13 PM, Joel Sherrill
<joel.sherrill at> wrote:
> --enable-paravirtualized may be the best option.

In that case, it would imply the following :
- When using --enable-paravirtualized, you can only build BSP that
have been adapted for virtualisation.
- We do not have specific BSP for virtualisation and in fact, when
using --enable-paravirtualized, it implies that the BSP you will build
is supposed to be executed on top of an hypervisor.

So, to be clear with that solution, the build process would be
./configure ---enable-paravirtualized --target=i386-rtemsX.XX ....
make all install

So that it builds and install the pc386 adapted for virtualisation.

Right ?

So, it means that whem you do
./configure ---enable-paravirtualized --target=powerpc-rtemsX.XX ....

The configure script will report an error as long as the whatever BSP
has been adapted for virtualisation.

Is that also what you had in mind ?

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