GSoC 2012

Julien Delange julien.delange at
Sun Mar 25 07:43:47 UTC 2012

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 4:06 AM, Kevin Polulak <kpolulak at> wrote:
> I've just uploaded the (very early) rough draft of my project proposal to
> Google Docs and shared it with Joel. I've email confirmed my new wiki
> account and once it has been approved, I'll add my proposal to the list on
> the wiki.

Hi Kevin,

I do not have access to your proposal right now. But why do not
contribute to the libbsd project ? Since we are several working on
these, your contribution may also support us and make it better and
maybe available for the next RTEMS release.

The thing is that I do not clearly see the advantage of having two
different stacks within RTEMS. Is there additional capabilities from
LWIP that are missing in the BSD stack? In other words, it is possible
to summarize the main advantages of having this new stack in RTEMS ?

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