[PATCH] confdefs: Add declaration for unlimited objects.

Gedare Bloom gedare at rtems.org
Mon Mar 26 21:31:51 UTC 2012

Messed up :) This description should have preceded the patch. Oh well.

I wrote this because of a request in IRC (By Peer) asking whether a
similar mechanism existed.


On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Gedare Bloom <gedare at rtems.org> wrote:
> This patch adds a macro to ease writing a configuration when the user
> does not care about resource limits / determinism. Such a case arises
> frequently when porting software to RTEMS when the precise resource
> requirements of the software is unknown. By allowing users to declare
> all resources as being unlimited the user will be able to easily avoid
> having to identify which resources are included and define the resource
> limits.
> I tested this patch only with the unlimited sample, which uses unlimited
> tasks. The other classic resources and posix resources have not been tested
> to verify that they will work properly when using unlimited objects. Due
> to how the posix objects' memory requirements are configured in confdefs
> this patch does not provide unlimited declarations for posix keys or
> queued signals.
> If a user provides a value for a configured number of resources that
> value will be used instead of the unlimited. If a user does not specify
> an allocation size the default size of 8 objects is used. This macro does not
> support varying the allocation sizes for different objects; users who want that
> much control can define the unlimited macros themselves.

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