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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Wed May 2 22:18:54 UTC 2012

On 04/29/2012 04:56 AM, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> Ralf, Chris,
> Am 29.04.2012 06:41, schrieb Ralf Corsepius:
>>> I also think the removal of the rtems4.11/arm directory is childish.
>> I was following Sebastian's and Thomas's wish, they had repeatedly been
>> nagging me with for ca. a years.
>> This time, I gave in resistance and followed.
>>> You
>>> were clearly asked to change rtems4.11/arm to EABI, not to remove it.
>> Chris, I have no idea what I shall answer to this.
>> Let me reiterate:
>> Upstream GCC has abandoned all targets which do not match 'arm-*-*eabi*'
>> and wants all target to use a target tuple matching the wildcard pattern
>> 'arm-*-*eabi*'.
>> I.e. RTEMS is not permitted to use "arm-rtems" for RTEMS "arm-eabi",
>> because this contradicts upstream's intention. Apparently, they want a
>> clear separation and break between arm-elf and arm-eabi.
> I see no problem with the different name. If Ralf thinks that upstream
> GCC suggests an explicit naming scheme I dont see harm here. Maybe it
> even has the benefit that the RTEMS ARM users really see that the
> toolset flavour has changed.
What Ralf thinks is wrong. Upstream gcc does not force us
to put eabi into our target name. arm*-*-symbianelf* is
an EABI target.

> Chris: do you have explicit reasons for your wish to stay with the
> rtems4.11/arm/ path?
> wkr,
> Thomas.
>> Ralf
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