Introduction of GSOC2012 BeagleBoard BSP project

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Mon May 7 10:46:18 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

joel told me to alsp post this on this list...

a brief introduction to my project. so today i finally find the time to do that.
As stated in my proposal:

The BeagleBoard and BeagleBone are ARM based single-board computers. These
boards are widely used by hobbyists.
RTEMS does support the ARM architecture but lacks a board support package
for the BeagleBoard and BeagleBone.
I propose to write a board support package for the board which is more

Key features of the BeagleBoard include:

The Texas Instruments OMAP3530 SOC, including an ARM Cortex-A8CPU
A TMS320C64x+DSP for accelerated video and audio decoding
Built-in storage and memory, provided through a PoP chip that includes 256
MB of NAND flash memory and 256 MB of 
DVI-D, S-Video, USB OTG (mini AB), 1 USB port, SD/MMC card slot ,Stereo in
and out jacks, RS-232 port, JTAG connector
It is sold to the public under the Creative Commonsshare-alike license

The idea to do this project evolved about a year ago when i was thinking
about how to build a low-cost satellite
on-board computer on which i can run the generic on-board software i was
developing in the course of my studies. 
i spoke with joel at the embedded world exhibition in nuremberg and he
said that a bsp for the beagleboard would 
be much appreciated by the rtems community, so i applied for gsoc and got

for me personally this gsoc project is part of a much bigger plan,
targeting to develop an open source toolbox for
satellite development. i wrote an abstract about the beagleboard for space
applications project which will be presented at IAC2012 in naples,
the GSOC project will play a minor role in it because i dont think that i
will achieve a lot until the paper deadline, but another paper about the
rtems port will follow at the next space conference in berlin 2013.

if anyone has questions about that please just ask me, and if you are on
facebook, join the "Hacker Space Program" group.


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