Ralf's Remove CVS Id Commits

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Fri May 4 17:41:11 UTC 2012


Am 04.05.2012 18:34, schrieb Ralf Corsepius:
> On 05/04/2012 05:07 PM, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
>> I am sure you don't want the community to inspect each patch separately?
> Pardon, I am the original author of all the files and probably nobody
> knows these better than me. I had applied many much more intrusive
> patches in similar ways many times before.

No problem with that. Actually I have two problems with todays patches:

- they hit the same area where Joel has mentioned he is working at it.
Forcing a patch collision without prior warning IMHO is not a good,
cooperative style within a OS community.

- According to the git history, your $Id modifications were applied as
about 50 separate commits. And this is not how one should work with git.

Removing the 50 patches from the 4.10 branch now needs 50 separate
operations instead of one.

> I am surely not perfect and surely do not want exclude something might
> have gone wrong somewhere, but this request of yours makes me sad.

I didn't want to question your technical experience, please take my
apologees if my posting induced something different. But I highly
question the sense behind these patches being split.
>> I assume that the goal/intention of each patch is quite silimar. Am I
>> right here? Or do they have different goals/intentions?
> ... these changes were script-generated ,. the spots changed were
> trivial to parse comment blocks.

I am sure about that. But why didn't you collect the script outputs and
merge them into one atomic patch?

>> Why did you let it glue independent commits?
> I did not do anything - This was the tool somebody (I think it was
> Chris) had installed on rtems.org to send CVS commit logs.

The patches where transferred to GIT as independent actions. If you
don't belive it, look into:


The generated mail messages simply reflected this. So the mail
generation worked perfectly and should not be blamed here.


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