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Fri May 4 20:24:33 UTC 2012

To reiterate why we need continuous integration and test.
I have discovered that the head does not build when C++
is enabled on any powerpc BSP and that all of the mptests
had broken files.

I fixed the mptest files and have committed that.

I do not know the best way to address the powerpc C++ issue
and will post a separate message on that.

If we had continuous integration testing on both RTEMS itself
and on the toolsets, these breakages would have been detected
when they occurred. We would have addressed them when
the immediate cause was known.  I am lucky that neither was
too difficult to track down. One was clearly an RTEMS
bug and the other was due to a change in the toolset.

I think together they emphasize the importance of continuous
integration testing and why we need it.

We need the resources dedicated to doing this.

This is more than enough said. :)

On 05/03/2012 09:40 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
> Hello,
> A long term goal of the RTEMS project is to support continuous
> integration. Continuous integrations takes patches and commits and
> builds and tests them providing public reporting of the results. Adding
> continuous integration to the project provides better turn around for
> changes that effect different architectures or BSPs lowering the work
> load on the RTEMS maintainers who have commit access. It allows
> different configurations to be tested that are often missed or nor done
> because of time and resource reasons, exposing any issues a patch may
> have when it goes in rather than some other point in time. The net
> effect is the improvement of the RTEMS code base as well as visible
> reporting of the current build state.
> The first stage of this work was the conversion to git providing us with
> change sets. We are now starting on the next stage, bringing a buildbot
> server online. This stage will allow us to better examine the build
> system and configuration in RTEMS and to look at ways to improve its
> performance so we can get the best out of the infrastructure resources
> we have. In the future we will add a patch management tool which will
> allow better testing and reporting on specific patches.
> The RTEMS server, rtbf64c, purchased to perform this task, will be taken
> off line in 48 hours time and reconfigured to support the continuous
> integration effort. If you have access to the machine and have anything
> you wish to keep please move it to another machine.
> Any testing or tool building tasks that are not critical should look to
> using the other hardware we have available.
> Thanks.
> Chris
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