RTEMS Interrupt Handling on ARM

Claas Ziemke der_stuttgarter_25 at hotmail.de
Wed Nov 28 14:34:21 UTC 2012

hi all,

sorry for me vanishing from the surface for so long. I just started to take up the work on the BeagleBoard BSP again.

I have 3 questions concerning the Interrupt handling. Since the BSP is based on lpc32xx my question are centred on the
implementation of that BSP.

1. Which is the entrypoint of the RTEMS IRQ handling? I mean the function that is called from the exception vector.
I know there is a "bsp_interrupt_dispatch" function, is that the entrypoint, or is that function called from somewhere else?

2. If so, what is the purpose of the "arm_status_irq_enable" and "arm_status_restore" functions? 

3: My BSP till now uses the /libbsp/arm/share/start/start.S boot and system startup code.  As i understand the exception 
vector is installed right before the _start symbol. But i only see that all are pointing either to "_start" and "reset". So 
where are the actual interrupt handlers are called?

thx for your help.

greetz, claas
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