FIx for pc386 QEMU wrapper - Was: - allow graphic display emulation with qemu

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Sat Oct 6 16:22:19 UTC 2012

Hello Joel,

I am testing committed patches and I have found that
there there was left one copy of the line by mistake
in "rtems-testing". Please, can you remove it and commit.

diff --git a/sim-scripts/ b/sim-scripts/
index 9c35cde..40998c0 100644
--- a/sim-scripts/
+++ b/sim-scripts/
@@ -79,7 +79,6 @@ runARGS()
 # 486 or pentium for older qemu
   echo "-m 512 -boot a -cpu 486 \
        -fda ${fd0Image} -hda fat:${hd0Dir} ${COVERAGE_ARG} \
-       -monitor null -nographic -serial ${SERIAL_ARG} --no-reboot"
        -monitor null ${GRAPHIC_ARG} -serial ${SERIAL_ARG} --no-reboot"

As for the Cirrus driver, I have build it successfully and tested
with Alex's version of RTEMS Graphic Toolkit. I have added
information about use under QEMU on the RTEMS Graphic Toolkit

I have found some minor problem with USE_CIRRUS_GD5446 option propagation.
When used as temporary only assignment for configure

   USE_CIRRUS_GD5446=1 ./configure --enable-rtemsbsp=pc686 ...
   make install

it is not recorded and recursive later configuration at make time
does not use the option.

If used as

   export USE_CIRRUS_GD5446=1
   ./configure --enable-rtemsbsp=pc686 ...
   make install

everything work.

Best wishes,


PS: Alex, please, try to fill some more info about graphic
    toolkit state.

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