ANN: rtems-4.11 gcc/newlib mass rebuild approaching

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Tue Oct 16 16:53:58 UTC 2012


as some already might have noticed, there is a mass rebuild (all gcc 
packages are being rebuilt) of the rtems-4.11 toolchain packages landing.

This mass-rebuild addresses 3 topics at once:

Addressing this bug made the rebuilt necessary.

2. A sync with upstream newlib.

3. Some targets' GCCs have been upgraded to gcc-4.7.2.
I am at gradually upgrading the rtems-4.11's gccs to gcc-4.7.2 where 
applicable => More gcc-upgrades are likely to follow.

Remember, rtems-4.11 is the unstable, experimental, development version 
of RTEMS. These changes above have only seen light testing.

Please report any issues with these toolchain. I plan to gradually 
submit the RTEMS specific patches to the corresponding upstreams, if 
possible and when time permits.


P.S.: There is a non-zero possibility of yet another mass-rebuild 
happing very soon, because a new release of binutils is long over due 
and likely to happen in near future. (Initially I had intended to wait 
for the new binutils, but I feel I've waited long enough ;) ).

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