rtems-libbsd status update

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Sat Sep 1 14:54:31 UTC 2012


Thanks to a chat with Chris, Jennifer and I are taking
a slightly different approach to configuring the
new network stack.  The old structure based
interface configuration is being replaced by use
of the standard utilities ifconfig and route. We
are also porting ping, ping6, and netstat.

The standard FreeBSD utilities have a number of

+ they are standard
+ they work to set up more network configurations
+ they know IPV6 and other features
+ the standard documentations and howtos will
     show you how to use them.

I just committed a set of changes to do the following:

+ Enable rest of networking libc files to compile.
     This includes the resolver, inet_xxx, etc
+ ping and ping6 are building now and should
     be ready to test
+ Disabling IPV6 no longer requires patching the
     source or hacking the Makefile

Jennifer is in the process of adding ifconfig, route,
and netstat. Those should show up in the tree next

The code is getting in better and better shape. We would
welcome help from the community. There are lots of areas
you could work in. Please pitch in.

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