libbsd - Advice Request on pthread_main_np

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Sep 10 21:36:16 UTC 2012


freebsd-userspace/lib/libc/include/nss_tls.h has the following

     if (!__isthreaded || _pthread_main_np() != 0) {        \
         *p = &st;                    \
         return (0);                    \
     }                            \

We have defined __isthreaded to "1" to indicate we are always
in a multithreaded program.

pthread_main_np() returns -1 to indicate that this is the "main thread".

The combination basically says we are threaded and running in the
first thread.

This is only used in the following libc methods:


How do we map that conditional expression to RTEMS to ensure we
only initialize these one.

FWIW almost the entire nss_tls.h is a macro. So changing those two
lines will result in about 40 lines needing to be in the conditional block.

Suggestions appreciated on a semantic and coding solution.

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