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Sat Sep 15 17:36:33 UTC 2012

On 9/14/2012 12:58 PM, Akhil Rao wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Akhil.I am an Electronics Engineering Student. I would like
> to contribute to RTEMS .I find it highly interesting.
:) I am glad to see you are interested.  I am also surprised that even 
on a Friday,
no one posted yet.
> I wanted to ask the following queries:
> 1) What all projects are currently going on?
RTEMS and its supporting layers covers a wide area of functionality.
There is everything from filesystems to networking to graphics. Plus
we are at the end of the Google Summer of Code so the status of
some efforts is still to be determined. For example, assuming the Arenas
met its goals 100% for providing memory management protection areas.,
this capability will need to be supported on multiple architectures.
There is a current effort to update the TCP/IP stack in RTEMS. There
is an effort to finish up our dynamic loader. A subset of mmap() could
be written. There is a list of POSIX methods missing which could
be implemented.

On top of that, there is infrastructure and supporting areas like test,
documentation, simulators, flyers, etc. We are very concerned with
having very high test coverage and so there is always work there.
We don't have a great script to check submissions for adherence to
basic standards. There needs to be a focused effort on ensuring that
the FLOSS simulators we depend continue to work and help those
developers identify breakage.

So the better question is.. what type of thing interests you?  It is better
if we find an area that interests you and benefits RTEMS.
> 2) How to test the code preferably without using Virtual Box images ?
If you install the tool binaries or build them yourself, you can use 
just about any
host OS imaginable. The core developers are on an assortment of CentOS,
Fedora, MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD.

Building is one thing. Running and debugging is another. Almost any testing
can be done with simulators or target processors. We have good support for
a variety of CPU simulators and can help you out there. The powerpc, sparc,
and mips have great simulators built into gdb that are easy to use. They
do not support graphics or networking though. For that, we usually rely
on qemu simulating a PC.
> 3) What all repositories do i need to clone? .. the module rtems is the primary source base. The others 
other capabilities or support functions.
> Regards,
> Akhil Rao
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