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Fri Apr 5 19:16:07 UTC 2013


I would wish to take up the project of making an Application Configuration
GUI for RTEMS in this year's GSoC.

I was studying the various approaches available and it eventually boiled
down to this-




 1)  To use the configuration

    GUI from eCos and NutOS.

-  Based on WX Widgets.

-  Highly Portable

 (runs on Windows and Linux)

The code is heavily based on templates which are difficult to understand
and port.

 2) To use the config infrastructure used by the GNU/Linux kernel.

          Works well on Linux.

 Does not support MS Windows.

To write a cross platform GUI in python. This also can be done in 2 ways-

3a)- To start with an existing open source project like Xpresser.


    Documentation is scarce.

3b) To code the application from scratch using python and GTK+. If any OS
specific requirements are needed then they can be coded separately.

* *

    Highly portable & modifiable.

Coding has to start from scratch.

This made me think that approach 3b would be the best for a baseline. These
are just my Initial ideas. A lot of other work apart from this (XML
parsing,rewriting conf.t etc) also needs to be done. I would discuss them
once the baseline becomes clear. Please help me analyse any deficiencies in
my understanding.

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