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Rempel, Cynthia cynt6007 at vandals.uidaho.edu
Sat Apr 6 23:35:35 UTC 2013


Please review this patch, and consider it for submission. It allows avr-gcc to attempt to compile RTEMS.

As I was exploring getting the avr port to be not as reliant on newlib, I came across the following issues:
1. the build system rejects all non-rtems toolchains, which is an issue because avr-gcc is carefully avoiding modifying the avr-rtems toolchain, so when avr-gcc is fixed for avr-libc, avr-rtems4.11-gcc is neither broken nor fixed.
2. the build system verifies newlib is POSIX compliant every time configure is run (even with --disable-posix)
3. after issues 1+2 are addressed avr-gcc builds all of the cpu-kit except up to score, which it's missing struct timeval.

Below is a patch that addresses issue 1. I checked, and it doesn't affect non-avr targets.

Issue 2 is slightly larger in scope, so I'll need to see which headers, declarations, etc, are needed by the existing header files.

I'll probably skip issue 2 and move on to issue 3.

FWIW: I'm working on updating the avr port of RTEMS, and know there is interest in getting a lower-memory footprint for the avr port. Another goal of the update is to use a tool-chain that is being actively maintained.
The avr port has the modified BSD licensed avr-libc as a build requirement.

Cynthia Rempel
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