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On 04/11/2013 09:49 PM, Claus, Ric wrote:
> Finally, I anticipate that one BSP should be able to satisfy multiple boards, e.g., the zc702, the zedboard, etc.  Currently we have a separate BSP for each, but the differences ought to be parameterizable.  However, I don't understand enough about the configure.ac syntax and its applicability to figure out how to parameterize the makefile.ac.  Could someone please help me out with a tutorial, primer or pointer?  Also, is it a reasonable model to expect a user to modify configure.ac to indicate where to find 3rd party software the BSP needs to build against, or should this come from the existence and value of an environment variable or some such?  Another place where I guess one could place these kinds of things is in <bsp>/make/custom/<file>.cfg, but I haven't figured out how to specify which of these to use to $RTEMS_ROOT/src/configure.

You can use BSP options in a configure.ac file for this:


If your BSP needs third party libraries, then you should check in the configure 
script that these libraries are available and set the appropriate flags.

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