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Sat Apr 13 18:28:15 UTC 2013

Hi Vipul Nayyar,

I know there is a lot of work needed in cleaning up the API, some big issues there are:
1. header files with the same name getting installed into different places, and have different functionality
2. the build system is REALLY complicated
If you went that route, I would suggest side-stepping problem 2 this summer, and concentrating on problem 1:
1. Intall rtems
2. Glance through the installed rtems headers: # NOTE: this helps you to ignore non-API headers
  cd /opt/rtems-4.11
 find -name \*.h                    
3. Identify the name of the header file you want to start with
4. Find the headers by that name are installed
 find -name myheader.h
5. Decide which of those headers by that name you want to merge all the headers into
6. Go back to the rtems directory and find that header
7. Merge the functions from the headers by the same name
8. Verify the merged header works for all merged architectures by using the examples-v2, if it doesn't patch until examples-v2 does work
9. Submit a patch to rtems-devel

There was significant work done on the TCP/IP stack, by others... but probably could be further improved.
C Rempel
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I was looking at the list of open projects given on the wiki, and 2 projects caught my eye which haven't been chosen till now. These are:

1) Unified APIs<>
2) Update the RTEMS TCP/IP stack<>

But I'm having trouble deciding which project should i choose to work on, as both the articles for these projects on the wiki are quite old. So I don't have much idea, that what amount of work has already been done on them, and what more can be contributed by me over the summer.

So, I'd really like some inputs as to working on which project can help the community, and the RTEMS project overall the most.
If you feel there are some projects other than these, that can have more impact, please do guide me in choosing them. :-)

Vipul Nayyar
Computer Engineering
Jamia Millia Islamia
New Delhi

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