[GSOC] : Patches for merging different syslog.h

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun Apr 14 23:43:26 UTC 2013

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Are you wanting all to lower case? Or just to compare "basename" in a case
> independent manner?

Good question. I do not know.

Different files with the same case insensitive letters is one issue and 
we should avoid that. For example ...


The general use of case in file names is a different matter. I think the 
source needs to match the file name. The development hosts need to 
support mixed case file names, it is the matching that is the issue and 
we avoid any possible issues.

> And these are often deliberately duplicated since the RTEMS model is
> to use the same file name supported by different targets and BSPs.
> I hope we are proposing that the files which do not fit "known patterns"
> for source portability are the candidates.
> In other words. We are not merging the contents of all bsp.h files. But
> there shouldn't be twelve files installed as <bsp/uart.h> since that
> doesn't fit any "portability pattern".


> That's why I said we had to know the rules for the duplicate file names.
> bsp.h, bspopts.h, tm27.h, support for frameworks, are allowed.
> Arbitrary reuse of an installed file name is not.

Makes sense.


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