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Tue Apr 16 18:35:42 UTC 2013

On 4/16/2013 1:26 PM, Dhananjay Balan wrote:
> Hi,
> Was fiddling little bit with code, trying to convert some of the GDB 
> sim-scripts into the python functions.
> PFA diff of the function I wrote - it tries to print a list of all 
> semaphores. But I could not get past this error (I can print the ids, 
> but error occurs during the printing of semaphore 
> information, something related to task queues I suppose.)
> Please find the debug information here ->
> Also gdb gave me this
> Any thoughts why this function fails?
> Also just being curious 
> shouldn't 
> this be indexed at Priority rather than at Fifo?
I can't tell much but I am guessing that this happened because the chain
is empty and the code around lines 29-31 isn't right.

Assuming pointers are 4 bytes and the chain control is at 0x10000, the
chain control when empty looks like this:

0x10000    0x10004
0x10004    0
0x10008    0x10000

The "empty" check is written this way in C.

bool _Chain_Is_empty( const Chain_Control *the_chain)
   return _Chain_Immutable_first( the_chain )     == 
_Chain_Immutable_tail( the_chain );

Line 16 needs to change to check that node != chain.immutable_tail().

FYI I am thrilled you are this far!!! If you can mirror the inheritance in
the code in the Python for gdb, a lot of this is repetitive. The macros
should give a hint at how to inherit.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Dhananjay M Balan,

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