Benchmark Apps for RTEMS

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Thu Apr 18 13:12:21 UTC 2013

I would like to see a build system approach for the benchkit that is
easily maintained and flexible, probably something Waf-based. I have
ported a few benchmarks, e.g. mibench [1], in the past but not in a
flexible way--I integrated them directly to the RTEMS build for my
ease of use. I think this benchkit can be a benefit by providing an
external (to rtems.git) repository of benchmark packages that can be
individually maintained, perhaps in a git submodule, but uniformly
compiled and executed with the same build system.

The work here is to define the "kit" framework, which is of general
interest for porting other software to RTEMS, and to apply the kit
framework to some benchmark suites. Aside from the build system, there
may be other issues to handle such as dealing with IO and
filing/fixing bugs that arise when running these benchmarks.


On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 12:17 AM, Rempel, Cynthia
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> Hi Vivek Krishnamurthy,
> Yes, the idea is to select and port (at least one) benchmarking kit to RTEMS, so users can benchmark their hardware... different simulators will be used to test whether the benchmark was successfully ported to RTEMS... Another part of the task would be to update the benchmark wiki kit with how to use the benchkit, possibly a README on how to use the benchkit with RTEMS, and suggested next steps for the next GSoC student...
> After doing a quick look at the suggested benchmarks... it appears that of the several methods to porting applications to RTEMS, one of the simpler methods would be to change the Makefile to more closely match the examples-v2 Makefile because these benchmarks use a simple Makefile...
> FWIW: it looks like the benchmarks were chosen, because they were computationally intensive and had few dependencies...
> If necessary, this project could be extended by proposing/adding more benchmarks... or starting on another toolkit...
> Hope this helps!
> Cynthia Rempel
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> Subject: Benchmark Apps for RTEMS
> I am also interested in developing benchmark applications for RTEMS. I would like to know what exists today in this area. Am I correct
> in assuming that the benchmarking applications will be developed and run for various simulator/bsp pairs? I understand that I will be evaluating  open source benchmark kits and after a selection process, port one of them to RTEMS and run them on simulators.
> As a start, I will begin looking at some benchmark kits that are indicated on
> Please let me know your thoughts and what else I should be doing for this project.
> Vivek K.
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