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Fri Apr 19 03:58:28 UTC 2013

Hi Jinyang Sia,

Thanks for asking for my feedback... the CAN protocol is indeed in wide use for communications, and would be a great asset for rtems users...

If you get accepted, I look forward to testing out your driver... :) I'll probably see if I can get qemu-system-arm to network and use Wire-shark to detect CAN packets...  Can4linux does look really interesting...

It may be worth looking at the possibility of porting it or another CAN driver to RTEMS, using either examples-v2 or rtems-addon-packages as a guide...  Although using existing code sometimes leads to upstreaming issues, it typically provides much of the work completed, and comes with tests (testing is very important, and I'm glad you mentioned it in your proposal :)... If you do need to patch the code to make it work on RTEMS it would be easier to maintain, if you could upstream the patches...

The challenge then becomes identifying the best driver for the purpose, learning how to port things to RTEMS, upstreaming patches, and finally getting ready to document the driver for use and maintenance (basically doing a wiki page explaining how to use it, and further steps for a GSoC student next, or later, summer).

Hope this helps!
Cynthia Rempel

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Thanks. I have tried many times, i really don't understand why it doesn't work :-(. May be the last last email attachment, which contains two attachments, can work. It sent when Wed, 17 Apr 2013 22:17:35 +0800.

I have wirte a proposal for this. Could you send your gmail to me, and i can shared with you. Hope to get some advice.


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Hi Jinyang Sia,

Wow, the CAN driver sounds really useful!
Could you send the hello, world screenshot as a .pdf, .bmp, or .tif?
I tried to change the file you sent as a .txt to a .png and it didn't work...

Once you do that could you please add yourself to the table at and tell us some more about your project?

-Cynthia Rempel
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Sorry for the emails, some error occurs when I try to add attachments using the Foxmail. The screenshot still work if you change the extention to .png. And i try to send a email again use the google server, opps, some errors occur again. I do know what happens. sorry for the truobles.

I want to particiapte in the GSoC2013, and i want to add a CAN driver and CAN API including interface for low level interface.

CAN bus originally developed for automotive applications, but now it has widely used in other areas of industry, such as medical devices, agriculture vehicles, maritime, factory automation, process automation, etc. RTEMS, as a real-time embedded system, is also widely used in such areas. What i want to do is to develop a CAN driver for RTEMS, and also a whole CAN API, stack and low level driver interface.

Hope it works.


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