Subject: BenchMark Apps for RTEMS

Vivek Krishnamurthy vivek.k.murthy93 at
Fri Apr 19 04:22:36 UTC 2013

Hello Gedare/Cynthia

I am currently going thru' the RTEMS Development Environment Guide, the BSP
and Device Drivers Development Guide and then finally the RTEMS Porting
Guide to understand better the software architecture and the development
environment and build system of RTEMS.

After that I plan to put together a list of Real Time Benchmark kits that
are available openly.
As suggested by Gedare, the focus will be on designing & building a "kit
framework" and using it to port few benchmark packages.

I have some knowledge of Makefile based build systems, but Waf will be
something brand new. I will have to ramp up pretty heavily
on that if we go that way.

Vivek K
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