[GSOC] : Querying about registered mentors

Rempel, Cynthia cynt6007 at vandals.uidaho.edu
Sat Apr 20 22:31:09 UTC 2013

Hi Vipul Nayyar,

I am a registered mentor, and am willing to mentor this project... is there anything I need to do?

The key things that we'll need are: incrementally submitting the patches (a little at a time so they will be easier to review and accepted... hopefully the community will submit the patches...) and a step-by-step procedure for classifying headers as public/private and how-to-merge headers... we'll also need the lists of headers classified...

The ideal write-up for the end of summer would be two sub-projects posted to:

One project being: classifying headers as public/private, with a step-by-step procedure, and reasonable breakdown of the headers left to classify (how many headers should a high-schooler be expected classify within 3-days?)
Another project being: merging headers, with a step-by-step procedure, the headers to merge, and a reasonable breakdown of the headers to merge (how many headers should a high-schooler be expected to merge within 3-days?)

And, of course, update the http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/UnifiedAPIs to reflect how far you got at the end... Your proposal expresses what's needed, aside from detailing out the write-up to detail out the final documentation better, it looks like it meets our needs... hopefully it will be reviewed by at least one more RTEMS development community member to ensure it has what Google will be looking for, we really need the headers cleaned up...

Cynthia Rempel
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Was just wondering that since the deadline to be registered as a mentor for GSOC 2013 is near, Who has been or will be appointed to mentor my Unified APIs Project ?
So far I've received thorough help from Cynthia Rempel and you, and I'm quite grateful for that. :-)
So please confirm that whoever (either among you or someone else from the community) will be able to mentor my project has registered duly in time at Google Melange website to become a mentor for GSOC 2013.

Also, Please do have a look at my draft proposal, and suggest improvements if required.

Vipul Nayyar
Computer Engineering
Jamia Millia Islamia
New Delhi

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