SOCIS 2013

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at
Tue Aug 6 10:16:44 UTC 2013


I've submitted a SOCIS application for RTEMS about improvements of POSIX 
conformance. I have experience in C and POSIX because of my FreeBSD 
background so this seems to be an interesting project to me.

I'm sorry that I could not contact you earlier about the details but 
I've had some other projects and I'm on vacation now with limited 
connectivity, so I had to quickly write and submit my application. I 
know there is few time left until the student selection but I wanted to 
say hello here and I'll try to be responsive if you want to discuss any 
details regarding my application. I've already contacted Joel from the 
project and he provided my a summary on the status of POSIX header files.

I include my application below since I imagine that not all of you are 
watching the SOCIS list.



Project Description

POSIX conformance is a very important point in UNIX-like operating 
systems. RTEMS has quite a good level of conformance but there are some 
features that are not conformant and some others that are missing. This 
project proposes to make a good progress in this direction and 
significantly improve the conformance level of RTEMS.

Project Deliverables

The project will provide the following deliverables:
* Proper use of C99 restrict keywords.
* Fixed guards for XOpen extensions.
* A detailed list of missing functions.
* Implementation of as many of them as possible.
* Some test code provided for the implemented methods.

Timeline and Schedule

* 2 week: Get familiar with RTEMS and setting up the development 
* 1 week: Fixing restrict keywords.
* 1 weeks: Fixing guards of XOpen functions.
* 2 weeks: Evaluating what is missing and if they can be ported from 
somewhere; assess the priority of items.
* 6 weeks: Implementing these functions.

Why me?

* Despite being a student, I have relevant programming experience. I 
have already participated in past years’ GsoC and SOCIS programmes.
* I am a FreeBSD committer, where I got experience with C programming 
and POSIX.
* I have already worked on things related to POSIX-conformance, e.g. 
BSD-licensed reimplementations of the iconv, grep and sort utilities so 
I know the standards and I know where to look for things. In fact, my 
BSc thesis was about the work I did on iconv but unfortunately I wrote 
it in Hungarian so I cannot show it to you.

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