Allocate memory within an application and modify its access permissions

Hesham Moustafa heshamelmatary at
Wed Aug 28 00:00:30 UTC 2013

Hey all,

I want to allocate memory within an application code, set
memory access attributes on it, and check whether these
permissions are set correctly or not.

I tried to use _Workspace_Allocate(), malloc(), and partition and region
managers to allocate a region of memory, but just after I set the
allocated region to READ_ONLY attribute, an exception occurs. There is
no problem when I set WRITE attribute. Also when I use hard-coded
addresses ( that do not belong to any used section by RTEMS), I get it
working correctly.

Is there a way to allocate memory without hard-coded addresses
(target-independent), or the previous "exception-after-set" problem ?


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