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Thomas Dörfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Wed Feb 27 13:37:31 UTC 2013


my understanding is, that the information in the ChangeLogs (from our
CVS history) are not/not completely integrated into the GIT comments. So
they still maintain history information from pre-GIT times.

Your other question. I am sure there will be developers working without
GIT access. They should also have access to the history available in
GIT. We had that discussion when switching to GIT and I am not sure
about the results of that discussion (sorry).



On 27.02.2013 12:06, Chris Johns wrote:
> Thomas Doerfler wrote:
>> I think the name should be changed to something, that describes its
>> meaning, e.g. "Changelog_pre2012" "ChangeLog_pre_git" or something
>> similar.
> My understanding is the ChangeLog info is the check in comments and
> these are all in the git repo so something like 'git log
> --grep="Cleanup"' searches the changes. It does not help someone who has
> a released source tar file and no connection to the internet and so the
> git repo. Is that a reality these days ?
> What value do they offer ? Can they be deleted ?
> Chris

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