Runtime loading update

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Jan 14 23:25:22 UTC 2013


I have just pushed changes to the RTL project repo [1] to allow RTEMS 
Application (RAP) module loading and unloading (unloading not tested).

RAP modules are LZ77 compressed format modules created by the RTEMS 
linker [2].

This project is being held in stand alone repositories and work with 
4.11 and should work with 4.10 but I have not tested this in a while.

The current status is loading the libbsdport library as a module under 
qemu is working. It loads, starts, then finds and creates a suitable 
network driver. You can see the RAP module load as command 10 in 
following qemu trace, followed by the libbsdport trace ...

$ /Users/chris/Development/qemu/0.12.5/bin/qemu -m 128 -boot a -fda 
/Users/chris/Development/rtems/build/qemu/rtems-boot-h0-1.img -hda 
fat:build/i386-rtems4.11-pc586 -serial stdio -no-reboot -s
Register /dev/com1 as the CONSOLE
IDE0:master:QEMU HARDDISK, 516.0M (16/1024/63), max blk size:8192

RTEMS Run Time Link Editor Test, Version 1.0.0

Register RAM Disk Driver: successful
Read IDE Disk Partition Table: successful
Read IDE Disk Partition Table: error: ide partition table not found: 
RTEMS inconsistency detected
Loading filesystem: successful
Running /shell-init....

1: #rtl-trace set all
2: #rtl-trace set load load-sect symbol reloc #unresolved
3: #dlo libx.a:xa.c.1.o
4: #dlo libx.a:x-long-name-to-create-gnu-extension-in-archive.c.1.o
5: #dlo x.rap
6: #mkdir c
7: #mount -t dosfs /dev/hda1 /c
8: #dlo c/bsdport.rap
9: #dlo bsdport.rap
10: rap ld ./bsdport.rap
Initialising libbsdport...
Wanted unit is 0x0, pattern ''
pci_bus_count() found 0 busses, assuming 1
name = em, methods = 0x87523c
Trying driver 'em' ...MATCH
Probing PCI 0x0:3.0
em_probe: begin
Now attaching em1: (0x0:3.0)
em_attach: begin
em1:Memory Access and/or Bus Master bits were not set!
em_hardware_init: begin
em_setup_interface: begin
em1:Link is up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex
em_attach: end
./bsdport.rap loaded
11: rap ls
  App        DL Handle  Name
  0x81bf50   0x829a60   ./bsdport.rap
Starting shell....

RTEMS SHELL (Ver.1.0-FRC):/dev/console. Dec 13 2012. 'help' to list 
[/] # ls
bsdport.rap  dev          libx.a       shell-init   x.rap

I have only been testing on qemu and the i386 arch lately. There is more 
work to be done on this project to complete it but it is starting to 
take shape. One of those tasks is documentation how-ever until that 
happens the repos are all that exist.

The bsdport.rap module is approx. 256K in size and containing around 
300K of code, constants and data plus symbols and close to 10,000 
relocation records. I have a private hacked libbsdport that uses waf to 
create the RAP module. I will make this available at some point in time.

The qemu executable 'rtld.xz' I used for the trace can be found here:

You need to decompress it before running it.



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