[GSoC] libmm project status

Rempel, Cynthia cynt6007 at vandals.uidaho.edu
Tue Jul 9 00:07:07 UTC 2013

Hi Hesham Moustafa,

Thanks for adding the .doc s :)

Is there a way to conditionally build the mmtests based on whether libmm is being built?

My initial thought is something like an AM_CONDITIONAL
Although another way to conditionally build the tests may be better...

Ideally if we went that route (and if feasible), if there was a conditional being used for building libmm, we would use the same conditional for the libmm tests...

That might make it a little easier to commit these tests incrementally into RTEMS... and thus reduce the number of patches at the end of the summer :)

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Thanks for providing the link directly to the testcases!
Could you copy the information about each test into:

Simple tests that tries to install memory management entries

+ Install entries with specific memory attributes (e.g read only region) :
+ Check for memory protection violations (writing to read only blocks)
+ Reading from read only blocks.
+ Write/Read to/from unmapped region (error!).
+ Write to a valid entry that was installed and then uninstalled (error!).

+ Tests for libmm behavior on SMP environments.
+ Create tasks for each core and start it.
+ Check for memory consistency and page tables and memory attributes validity.

That way we can quickly identify what each test does in 5 years... Good job with the documentation :)

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Hi all,

I have posted a new thread to my blog that contains a brief introduction to libmm and latest updates, here is the thread [1] Please take a look.

TODO: port libmm for Raspberry PI board on real hardware.

Questions :

I have created a new test case at libtests called mmtest3 [2] which simulate SMP use case on QEMU/Realview. It simply tries to invoke the same task (which calls libmm function) for each core. There is a fatal error at startup that branches to data exception handler but I am not sure why. Please take a look and tell me if I am doing something wrong with that test case.

Other test cases (mmtest1, mmtest2) run successfully on the same platform.

[1] http://heshamelmatary.blogspot.com/2013/07/gsoc-2013-libmm-for-rtems.html
[2] https://github.com/heshamelmatary/rtems-gsoc2013/tree/low-level-libmm/testsuites/libtests/mmtest3


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