Building and Testing a Canadian Cross-Compiler

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Sat Mar 23 18:12:43 UTC 2013

Thanks Sebastian Huber for finding that tutorial for a building a Canadian cross-compiler.

I found a rather out-dated tutorial for testing Canadian cross-compilers

It's possible that there might be additional testing resources in

I found gcc/do_one rather interesting...

I am curious now, if neither minGW nor Cygwin are needed for RTEMS except for the auto-tools, would it be feasible to automatically generate daily (or weekly) snap-shots that are already boot-strapped? And if so, what else would be required to get the RTEMS tool-set working for Windows users without Cygwin or minGW?

Cynthia Rempel

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On 22/03/13 22:50, Chris Johns wrote:
> I am looking for a suitable solution to my delete problem. There are
> also other problems, namely the -j option with make when Python
> threads are running cause problems in MSYS so parallel building is
> currently disabled.
> The solutions I have in mind, is to use Python or something other than
> 'rm' to delete the source tree or look at using a minimal Cygwin shell
> set up and to support cross-compiling the RTEMS tools. I am not
> interested in Cygwin specific RTEMS tool sets only native Windows tool
> sets. Cygwin is a long path to take because I need to create and test
> it, how-ever it fixes the parallel build issue and will make building
> faster.

The fastest way to build the MinGW tools is a Linux -> MinGW cross
compiler (Canadian Cross).

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