Building and Testing a Canadian Cross-Compiler

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Sun Mar 24 03:40:57 UTC 2013

Hi Chris Johns,

Thanks for the clarification! I don't do much C development on Windows, so I didn't know...

Sounds like I could write up three separate open projects to address the problem (if they haven't been written).  In the short-run, cross-compiling the cross-compiler may be one way to go, medium-run might be to get a work-around on MSYS, and long-run a pre-packaged solution would be ideal...

The first open project would be a write-up on building a single large package (binutils, gcc, newlib, gdb, all the other dependencies) for mingw-64/cygwin (like Thomas asked about) and we could put in the format recommended by cygwin. Writing up the process and submitting the large package to cygwin could then be another "open project".

The Apache runtime has additional files for a "Microsoft Developer Studio", I don't know anything about that either (or if Eclipse has similar files), but writing a script to generate those files sounds like enough effort for an "open project". (Or we could leave the option to write a bootstrap script specifically for Windows in PowerShell/Developer Studio/Other Mysterious Windows program : )

Another minor "open project" could be to identify if using the source-builder on cygwin (after installing the up-to-date packages) is feasible, and if so, writing a tutorial for it.
I really appreciate all your help and the suggestion to look into Cygwin, I was surprised it was still around!

Cynthia Rempel
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Rempel, Cynthia wrote:
> I am curious now, if neither minGW nor Cygwin are needed for RTEMS except for the auto-tools, would it be feasible to automatically generate daily (or weekly) snap-shots that are already boot-strapped? And if so, what else would be required to get the RTEMS tool-set working for Windows users without Cygwin or minGW?

Shell support is needed to run 'configure' to build RTEMS.


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