Building and Testing a Canadian Cross-Compiler

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Mar 25 01:38:42 UTC 2013

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Yes, definitely ... The autotool generated sources (e.g.,
> config.h etc.) definitely belong into git.

This topic has been discuss on the list and it was decided these should 
not be in git. Lets please not rehash an old discussion that was clearly 

> However, when having done so, the patches were immediately reverted and
> was virtually shot down - These incidents actually are the reason for my
> current deep dissatisfation with certain people around here.

It is unfortunate autoconf and automake is causing this. Given the 
problems building these specific tools and the fact we cannot upgrade to 
the latest automake, maybe after 4.11 is released we move to RTEMS 5.0 
and a new build system that removes this as a problem.


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